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Musical Notes

SoundSensei: Customizable Playlist
Curation and Safe Listening for All

SoundSensei, an innovative music recommendation system, transcends the conventional boundaries of music curation by placing transparency, customization, and control at its core. Crafted for both passionate music enthusiasts and discerning artists, our platform goes beyond mere playlist analysis, offering users the power to tailor recommendations according to their unique preferences. With intuitive controls and customizable parameters, we ensure a user-centric musical journey that resonates with individual tastes.

What sets SoundSensei apart is its unwavering commitment to safety, providing parents with the tools to curate kid-friendly content seamlessly. Our target audience spans avid music listeners and those eager to delve deeper into the nuanced tones of content. The successful implementation of SoundSensei promises a significant impact on the landscape of comprehensive music analysis and personalized recommendations, a promise we aim to validate through rigorous professional user studies and continuous user feedback. Embark on a musical odyssey with SoundSensei, where every note is tailored to your distinctive rhythm.


Pizza Plot of User’s Audio Features


User’s Audio Aura based on Sentiment


Proportion of User’s Songs with Vulgar Lyrics

Source:  Unspalsh

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