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Image by Aldebaran S

Generating Images of the M87* Black Hole Using GANs

In this paper, we introduce a novel data augmentation methodology based on Conditional Progressive Generative Adversarial Networks (CPGAN) to generate diverse black hole (BH) images, accounting for variations in spin and electron temperature prescriptions. These generated images are valuable resources for training deep learning algorithms to accurately estimate black hole parameters from observational data. Our model can generate BH images for any spin value within the range of [-1, 1], given an electron temperature distribution. To validate the effectiveness of our approach, we employ a convolutional neural network to predict the BH spin using both the GRMHD images and the images generated by our proposed model. Our results demonstrate a significant performance improvement when training is conducted with the augmented dataset while testing is performed using GRMHD simulated data, as indicated by the high 𝑅2 score. Consequently, we propose that GANs can be employed as cost effective models for black hole image generation and reliably augment training datasets for other parameterization algorithms.

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Generated samples for a given 𝑎∗ and 𝑅high

Source:  Unspalsh

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