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Real-Time Video Transmission

Real-time video transmission involves the transmission of video frames from one end system to another with little to no latency.

This project implements the transmission of video data captured from a webcam using socket programming and makes use of OpenCV and python’s socket library. Since video data has to be transmitted in real time frames must be captured, compressed and stored in temporary buffers. Moreover, the processing of frames must be done parallelly so as to reduce delays prior to transmission this is done by making use of Python's threading library. At the transport layer, compressed frames sent through the transmitters socket are sent as UDP datagrams eliminating the need for three-way handshaking and ensuring quick delivery to the receiver’s socket.

To ensure proper data transfer the transmitter sends frames only upon receiving the string “get” from the receiver. Packets delivered between the transmitter and receiver are captured and analyzed using Wireshark.


Packet Analysis using Wireshark

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